Sports is an important section in the education curriculum as it is a crucial part in the growth of a student. As it is mandatory the school follows the curriculum set up by the CBSE. We have a number of teams comprising of both outdoor and indoor as well as individual and team with complete equipments for all sports. The school provides an all round development for the child which has excellent preventive measures of mental and physical toughness, reduces fat, improves health, imparts character value enhances the competency level. It also develops a sense of friendliness and discipline, shuns lethargy making them more active in their lives. The school appoints trained and experienced educators who maintain a balance that matches the child’s maturity skills and interest with regards to sports participation. Team Games like Swimming, Football, Throwball, Volleyball instill in the child lessons that are essential in life. Individual sport helps to mature and be strong and athletes are focused. Yoga for Meditation and Concentration, Karate for self defence. These areas of sport have a dual benefit, where the child gains both knowledge and fitness. It also has a magical effect how to be confident and how to be focused in studies.

The different games in the school are :- Swimming, Lawn Tennis, Basket Ball, Running track, Football, Table Tennis, Base Ball, Volley Ball, Kho Kho, Karate, Throw Ball, Mallakhamb, Fencing, Skating, Archery, Kabbadi, Yoga, Chess, Carrom, High Jump, Discus Throw and many other sport with well qualified trainers.

Area of playground – 10074.371 sq.m.
Swimming pool – 471.86 sq. m.
Running track – length – 100.933 sq. m.
Lawn tennis court [synthetic court ] – 1251 766 sq. m.
Basket ball court – 516.49 sq. m.