Social Contribution

The School does not only have academics, sports, events and cultural activities but also teaches the children the values of social work which helps to inculcate the habit of being human with kindness, helping nature and to respect everyone from elders to aged people and people who are in need. The school arranges visits to orphanages, home for the aged, the blind and the challenged during the vacation periods with distribution of basic needs and food keeping in mind that the child develops the habit of helping and knowing the sufferings of people. They are also taken to the market place and place pots with water and seeds for birds learning to be kind to animals and birds. Special care is taken for the “ Girl child “ in all respects. The school has also donated to the Chief Minister’s Fund in the pandemic of Covid 19.

INDO PUBLIC SCHOOL management and staff has contributed towards Covid-19 disease for Chief Minister Relief Fund amount of Rs 1,00,366/-under the guidance of Director Dr Ayushree Deshmukh. This amount can be a support to recovery from Covid-19.