Indo Public School conducts a colourful event, Mother – Daughter rangoli and mehndi competition

The school is a monument of training students and teachers with intensive knowledge and with a panorama of colourful event presentation. It is an integral part of education which helps the students to move in a direction of light participation which will keep them active and inspired to show their hidden talents and in the same way know the culture and heritage of our country. Various days are celebrated national festivals, special days and events, exhibitions, competitions, team and individual events to encourage and motivate them. The school also focuses on the improvement of teachers and organizes training to refresh the knowledge and methodology helping to give new ways of creating interest in the child and in the same way enhancing their knowledge to give their best. Annual Cultural Festivals are organized, Sports Day is planned Science Exhibitions, Historical and Geographical with pedagogical presentation is prepared and parents are invited. The parents are also taken into the circle of being a part of their wards education, for this the school has a regular Parent Teacher Meeting initiated by the management so that the parents are involved making not only a healthy communication but also getting an update of the progress of their children. Handwriting competitions, inter school science exhibitions and sports carnivals are regularly held. There is also tree plantation organized to keep the environment safe and to make the children understand the importance of keeping in mind the safety of the earth. The school takes the children to a real voyage of seeking new arenas and gaining knowledge of their subjects as well as the world at large.