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Ms Cecilia Reuben

Situated at the foot of lush green hills & forests, the hustle & bustle of city streets is a world far from what is behind the IPS iron gates. Our motto very much underpins everything we do at IPS. We pride ourselves in the unique spirit & culture of aiming at our motto ‘Facta Non Verba’.
Today classrooms have become centres for collaborative & comprehensive learning that mould & prepare students for challenging roles in the future. For this constant updating & upgrading is needed. We as educators therefore also need to un-learn & learn to remain contemporary & fill the need gaps in learning.
Education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world. We realise that we are managing the world’s greatest resource Children. The future of the world is in the classroom. We endeavour to educate their heart so as to prepare students who are receptive & responsible thus becoming worthy citizens. We aim at unfolding their imagination & instilling life in their thoughts & aspirations through various activities.
And now for the dear ones. If you want to get success all you have to do is to give your best effort every day, sometimes you end the day exhausted, sometimes there are just few hours left to sleep, but the satisfaction you feel when you finish will make you feel like it was worth it . Enjoy your school life and intelligence to become a good student. The years go fast so do not waste it. You are very lucky because you have all the help that your parents give you. Study carefully is the best way to thank them for all what you get. For they will stand by you till the end. And as you turn out to be a strong admirable personality, you will be the reason for them holding their heads high.

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