• The school year comprises of Two Terms.
  • The school is associated with ASSET a project by Education Initiatives (IIT - IIM Alumni) Class Teacher Learning system for e-learn and idi Harvard University Alumni
  • The activities in the school are "Child Centred". The school believes that we cannot force a child to learn but inculcate a strong desire to learn.
  • The school grooms the students not only on academic excellence but nurtures in them self discipline social graces, conversational skills, etiquettes and culture.
  • The science department of Indo Public School has separate laboratories for each branch of science to support the class-room teaching. There are numerous well equipped, self demonstration charts and models which help the students to understand the concept better. Students are encouraged to perform experiments on their own under the guided supervision of the teacher and lab assistant.
Cultural Activities
A number of cultural activities are conducted, so that the students are encouraged to discover themselves and find out their own hidden talents and interests. Activities like Music and Dance (Indian & Western) Dramatics, Flower arrangement, gardening are provided. There are separate spacious rooms for Art, Music, Dance and also well trained teachers.
International Collaboration
The institution is into an International Collaborative Project of the British Council which tends to expose students to an absolutely unexplored fascinated learning of culture, art & tradition. The research work assists them to tread paths that lead them to new insights. It helps to nurture global citizenship and enriches teaching as well as learning. It fosters team building, creativity & puts to test leadership skills. Teaching methodology and perception of subjects undergo a sea change.
Health and Wellness
In light of increasing overweight, obese and underweight children in  schools, an intervention programme is planned on a long term basis. It is based on updated scientific principles considering the practicality of implementation. This programme aims at making students, struggling with their over or under weights a whole lot fitter and healthier.
Visits to places of historic, industrial, national, ecological are conducted to broaden the horizon of the students.
Risk Takers
Given the opportunity, risk backed by deep confidence makes one believe in oneself. This attitude helps the student to be daring yet responsible and to be prepared to deal with unusual situations with proper vision. 
This situation is created for the students to create a dynamic, humble, confident, persevering, compassionate individual, making them secure and firm human beings.
Open Mindedness
The school encourages the students to appreciate one's own culture and also be mindful to respect values and traditions of other communities. Continuous interaction with pupils from diverse backgrounds, nurtures within our students a great sense of tolerance, thereby making them ready for global challenges.
Caring and Good mentors
The school lays emphasis on social commitment thus instilling in their young minds to be compassionate and caring for anothers need and feelings. At school they are taught to be caring and positive thinkers.
Co - curricular Activities
Co-curricular activities are very important for the overall development of the child. Competitions are held regularly to motivate the students. Adequate facilities have been provided for both indoor and outdoor games like Cricket, Skating, Basketball, Lawn Tennis, Football and Athletics and the school also has a Swimming Pool.
House System
All activities are organized on House basis.
A great amount of knowledge gives rise to thinkers. Applying thought to life situations is what makes one truly innovative and enterprising. The school encourages students to be inquisitive, seeking answers to their questions which is the basis of knowledge.
Good thinkers are good inquirers. They have the capability to develop natural curiosity and acquire necessary skills to display independence in learning therefore overall development. We intend to make our students energetic and cooperative. 

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