About School
Indo Public School a venture of Madhuribai Deshmukh Sikshan Prastishthan - a sister concern of VSPM Academy for Higher Education which owns 58 Education Institutions inclusive of Medical Dental Management and other colleges, schools (State Board & CBSE) in Central India.
Aims and Objectives
  • Building Values
The School adopts a dynamic approach to education in accordance with the changing needs of the time. The aim of the school is to help and guide the students in their academic , physical, cultural, emotional and also spiritual development. The school aims for the all round development of personality together with sound moral values and high social responsibility.
The school ensures to send out young persons who are dynamic in their outlook and culture, keeping in mind the rich heritage of our country India.
  • The Ambience
The Indo Public School has a beautiful campus amidst extensive lush green setting providing a unique atmosphere for the students. The hills surrounding the school, add to the peace and scenic beauty of the campus. Away from the hustle and bustle of activity, the school is 6 km away from Amravati, thus providing an atmosphere congenial for mental and physical growth.
Infrastructure Facilities
The school campus is very carefully laid out and aesthically developed. The school building is fully equipped with spacious classrooms, catering for academic excellence and overall personality development of student. Large open spaces and a well laid out garden adds to the beauty of the school premises.
Main Academic Block
The academic block is the centre where all activities both academic and non-academic, stimulate the minds of the young ones. The classrooms are well ventilated, well equipped labs including Language, Maths, Computer besides labs of science subjects, facilities for music, hobby classes and work experience activities.
Administrative Block
The school has a separate administrative block with stores and administrative offices.

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Address : Ahead of Amravati University, Mardi Road, Indla, Amravati.
Phone : 0721 - 2100098
Email : contact@indopublicschool.com

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